These are things I’m currently tending to…

  • Helping my wife raise our two kiddos with a third on the way. Focusing on identifying their strengths, championing their imaginations / creativity, and stewarding my time with them well.
  • Honing my ability to husband, father, manage and lead.
  • Operating as Program Manager / Product Owner for mobile application products Unify Platform, Unify Sports and Unify Church.
  • Operating as Creative Director and Program Manager for AFG Technologies.
  • Founder of REBL Life – Active lifestyle brand for high-output men – focusing on getting the right people on the bus, effectively communicating vision, and leading brand development.
  • Consulting young brands and companies on ways to use technology and marketing to be more relevant and effective.


Skills I’m honing and goals I’m focused on achieving…

  • Daily meditation, focused breathing exercises and intentionally clearing my mind to hear the Holy Spirit
  • Weight training for building lean muscle mass
  • Meal prep and execution for maintaining steady growth and lean muscle mass
  • Being more intentionally generous
  • Financial discipline and management
  • Clear, concise and confident communication of vision and beliefs
  • Intentionally connecting with my wife and championing her strengths (same for my children)


Books I’m reading / listening to…

  • The Bible (by God)
  • Influence (by Robert B Cialdini) – buy
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0 (by Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves) – buy
  • Zero to One (by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters) – buy

Books I just finished…

  • Elon Musk (by Ashlee Vance) – buy
  • Outliers (by Malcolm Gladwell) – buy
  • Good to Great (by Jim Collins) – buy